Hunny Bunny Bacon Soap

All Natural Hunny Bunny Soap, handmade with Lemongrass Essential Oil, Fresh Carrot Puree, and Raw Honey, from the happy bees at The Golden Stage Inn, in Proctorsville, VT - Home of the Vermont Golden Honey Festival!

Rendered & recycled bacon fat (lard), coconut oil, RSPO certified sustainable palym oil, carrot purée, water, sodium hydroxide, fair trade shea butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, raw Vermont honey, sodium lactate, lemongrass essential oil

To reduce our carbon hoofprint, we recycle and refine our own locally sourced, restaurant-grade bacon fat, as the main ingredient in our soaps. With a handcrafted blend of naturally skin-friendly oils, butters, and other luxury ingredients, you’ll find that bacon really does make everything better.

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