How long do your soaps take to ship, once I place my order?

Most soaps ship in 24-48 hours. If a soap has just been made, but hasn't finished its 4-6 week cure time yet, it'll be available for Pre-Order, and will ship once curing is complete.


Does your soap smell like bacon? I don't want dogs following me around!

Nope! Not even a little. Careful though...they might make you more attractive to that special someone ;-)


Does your soap TASTE like bacon?

While our soap does smell good enough to eat, we really don't recommend it.
Eating soap is for potty mouths, you mundane noodle!


Does your soap really have bacon in it?

We render, recycle and refine our own restaurant-grade bacon, as the key ingredient in our soap recipes. (See below)


Bacon? In soap? Are you crazy?

No! And neither were your ancestors. Let me explain. No...there is too much. Let me sum up. When bacon is rendered, all that delicious bacon fat melts into an oil. The UN-purified version with all the little bacon bits in it is what we know as bacon grease, and that would be nasty in soap. However, once we refine & purify it, we get good old fashioned lard, which has been used in handmade soaps for centuries. It makes a good, hard, long-lasting, bar, with great lather, and excellent skin conditioning properties! 


Is there lye in your soap?

All true soap uses lye to convert fats and oils into soap, through a magical (ok, chemical) process called "saponification." Once the saponification process is complete, no lye remains in the finished bar. 


But so-and-so makes soap without lye

So-and-so uses a pre-made, store-bought melt-and-pour soap base, which was pre-made with - you guessed it - lye. 


What's the difference between soap and detergent?

Soap is a simple compound made from fatty acids (oils, fats, butters), and an alkali (lye). Detergents are not made with lye or fatty acids, but with chemical surfactants engineered to break up dirt & grease.


Does your soap feel greasy?

Not at all! Our soap leaves you feeling squeaky clean & fresh.


Does your soap contain palm oil?

Yes, our blend contains RSPO Certified Sustainable palm oil.


What else is in your soap?

In addition to rendered, refined & recycled bacon (lard), our skintastic oil blend includes coconut oil, sunflower oil, RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, castor oil, and fair trade shea butter. All these work together, to make a long-lasting, conditioning soap, with excellent lather. Soap is normally made with water, but we often substitute less boring ingredients like champagne, goat milk, beer, orange juice, etc. Check out the item descriptions for the actual ingredients of each bar.


Are all your soaps safe for all skin types?

We use only ingredients that have been tested skin-safe for soap. That said, everyone's skin is different! Some of our soaps contain nut products, and some people may find they have a sensitivity to certain fragrance oils. We don't sell anything we haven't tried ourselves!


How do you use sugar scrubs?

If you're wondering how to use sugar scrubs, you've come to the right place! Apply a quarter-sized amount of scrub to wet skin, and gently massage. Super simple! Our sugar scrub is special, because it's emulsified, meaning that it contains all the ingredients for an excellent moisturizing lotion - just add water! As you scrub, add small amounts of water as necessary - you'll see the sugar dissolve as the lotion forms. Once you've massaged the lotion in, a light rinse will wash away any remaining sugar, leaving your skin beautifully moisturized. Pat dry.


What are the benefits of sugar scrubs?

The main benefit of sugar scrubs is exfoliation - the removal of dead skin cells. Sugar is perfect for this, because you can easily adjust the desired scrubbiness. Use less water for stronger exfoliation, or more water for more gentle exfoliation. Sugar dissolves and rinses away easily, leaving the rest of the oils, butters, etc., to gently condition and protect your skin. Ours is formulated to form a conditioning lotion as you add water, so you get all the benefits of a scrub and a lotion in one!

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