Good for you.
We use only natural oils and butters, plus phthalate and paraben free, non GMO, skin safe scents, essential oils, zero harsh chemicals, and minimal preservatives.

Good for the earth.

The average full-service restaurant will wash 9 to 20 pounds of grease down the drain for every 150 meals served. Grease waste has the potential to severely impact operations and, in some cases, violate wastewater discharges. Instead, we harvest this liquid gold from freshly cooked (delicious) bacon, and put it through a 6 step purification process to turn it into fresh, clean lard - one of the best ingredients for a nourishing, skin loving, moisturizing soap!

To further minimize our carbon hoofprint, we use only biodegradable shrink wrap with our recyclable paper packaging, and to help reduce plastic use, we offer lightweight refill pouches for liquid soaps.

And then, some more good.
Because we believe in doing as much good as possible, our ingredients and suppliers are thoughtfully & responsibly sourced. In addition to using recycled bacon renderings (keeping this restaurant byproduct out of landfills), we use Baraka certified fair trade shea butter (more info), to help support families in Ghana, and RSPO certified sustainable palm oil (more info), to help end deforestation.

All natural, handcrafted shea butter, made by real people, supporting real families in Ghana.


Gets you squeaky clean.
Of course, all the thoughtfulness in the world wouldn't mean much, if the soap didn't work! Plain and simple, this soap gets you clean. I mean, like, squeaky, sparkly clean. You'll enjoy soap that cleanses without drying, and smells great, without being overpowering. Will you also feel invigorated and energized? Probably! And you will most definitely be clean.
Unlike commercial soaps, our handmade soaps are never stripped of their natural glycerin. Glycerin, one of nature's best moisturizers, is a natural byproduct of traditional soap, but big companies often remove it, for more lucrative uses. We leave it in, because you deserve it!

Because bacon.
Who says you need to be serious, to have seriously good soap? When my chef-husband Eric suggested we start making soap from bacon grease, I laughed. A lot. After much research and testing (not on animals - we test everything on ourselves), we decided to run with it, and make the most fun soap bacon can make!
We hope your gift giving (and bathing) is as much fun as ours has become!

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