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Foaming Hand Soap - Honeysuckle Jasmine, handmade

This Honeysuckle Jasmine foaming hand soap reminds me of warm summer afternoons, picking honeysuckle blossoms from the vine in our backyard. Made with skin friendly ingredients, our Honeysuckle Jasmine foamer is a refreshing liquid soap for hands, face, and body. Foamer bottles dispense just the right amount of thick, sudsy bubbles, to help conserve both soap and water, while getting your hands squeaky clean & fresh. 

Our foaming hand soaps feature added vegetable glycerin, a wonderful natural moisturizer, for smooth, soft hands, every time you wash.

Available in 8oz, 1.7oz travel size, and 16oz refill bag

Water, coconut oil, olive oil, potassium hydroxide, recycled & refined bacon renderings (lard), castor oil, sunflower oil, fragrance

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