Here we go!

October 15, 2016

We're officially opening today! I know some of you have been wondering how this whole bacon soap idea came about, so here you go!

A few years ago, we recycled our restaurant's bacon grease by sending it to a friend, who used it to make biodiesel. That was pretty cool. He's since moved on to other endeavors, which left us wondering what to do with all these barrels. After some googling, Eric said, "You know you can make soap out of bacon grease?" I was like, "Ew. Um, ok." 

Our first test bar of bacon soapA couple weeks later, I started researching it myself. The more I read, the better it sounded, and we made our first test batch in the summer, using a Velveeta box as a mold. That first batch was definitely real soap, but it wasn't real GREAT soap. 100% lard soap cleans well, but with a relatively low lather. We wanted something more luxurious, so I went to work researching everything I could about all the different oils that can be used in soap, and what they do. I was hooked on the science of it all. 

Fast forward a few months, and our first real batches of soapy awesomeness were ready for testing. They were a hit! People loved the thick, rich lather, the amazing scents & colors, and were intrigued by the idea that our soap started its life as breakfast. 

Now, Eric gets up at 5am to go make bacon at his restaurant, The Hatchery (Ludlow, VT), and spends afternoons refining the renderings into clean, white, purified lard for soap. In the evening, you can usually find him in his woodshop, making cedar soap decks, little pine crates for sample packs, or yet another soap mold for me. I blend the oils and fragrances, combine them with fun ingredients and colors, and take care of the website & order fulfillment. Together, we hope to show you that bacon really DOES make everything better. So'll make you squeal. ;-)

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